Thursday, February 26, 2009

Caroline is 3 today!

Happy Birthday, Caroline!!!

Brian and I can't believe Caroline is already 3 years old. She has become such a big girl this past year. We celebrated with cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning and opened gifts. Caroline got Hungry Hungry Hippos, which we've been playing all morning long. She also got a wooden recorder...we've been reading the Brambly Hedge books that Nana sent her, and she loves the one where the little mouse gets a recorder for his birthday, so we got her one too. Caroline asked for pizza for her birthday dinner. We'll have brownies tonight, and her party is on Saturday. We have more surprises in store for her, but we won't tell you about them until she gets them herself.

Also, Caroline wants to say Happy Birthday to Grandpa, as today is his birthday too! And a big Happy Birthday to Nana, since her birthday is tomorrow.

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