Tuesday, October 6, 2009

33rd Annual Family Reunion

The last Sunday in September we headed to Mansfield for our 33rd Annual Family Reunion. There was so much food, and it was all delicious. Every year we recognize a family member, and this year we honored Jack Smith. The reunion is a great way to make sure we see everyone at least once a year!

This was Jackson's first DuPriest family reunion.

Caroline is showing off the Sleeping Beauty necklace that Grandmama brought for her.

Here is Papa sharing memories about Jack Smith (seated).

Aunt Babe wrote and read a poem about Jack. Babe will celebrate her 90th birthday next month!!

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Mom said...

Hey, just so you'll know, I brought that necklace for Caroline. My friend from work, Crystal, sent it to her. She is the one that shares the same birthday with me and they decorated her desk with princess stuff. The necklace was part of it and she wanted Caroline to have it.