Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Growing Up Fast

I couldn't let us leave for the Gulf Coast without posting some sort of an update, and tonight Jackson gave me the perfect subject. He's working on a new skill...using a spoon! Despite the messy photos, he is actually doing very well feeding himself.
He's too cute and literally eats double-handed. He takes a bite from the spoon, then a bite from his other hand, then back to the spoon. I'll try to get video of it, too. Hilarious!

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Becca P. said...

Hold on... I have to stop laughing...
I really have no room to talk you should see some of the photos mom has of me with a certain cookie, but my goodness... whatever orange business that is, it is all over him. You are a smart woman feeding him sans a shirt.
Good luck with the spoon little man.