Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fall Fun Day

Fall Fun Day is one of Caroline's favorite days of the school year. Jackson and I headed to class with her this morning where we were served donuts, coffee, and hot chocolate. Yum-yum.

Caroline made quite an adorable Alice in Wonderland.

Jackson's a smart boy...he headed to the kitchen to see what the girls were cooking up.

On Monday, Caroline's class carved a jack-o-lantern. They picked the seeds out of the pumpkin and "planted" them in the grass behind the school. This morning the seeds had "grown" into a pumpkin patch. Caroline picked a huge one to decorate.

Her class - dressed up and decked out!

Here is Caroline in art class drawing a cat. They worked with pastels this morning.

Their assignment was to replicate the witch and cat faces (which were 3 dimensional) on paper. So, here is Caroline showing off her witch drawing. I think she did a fantastic job!

While Caroline was in art class, Jackson got to play at the train table.
He even got to play at recess... I think he's hooked on school :o)

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Becca P. said...

Holy crap that boy looks like Brian!