Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent a wonderful Christmas Eve at Aunt Claudia's house. It was a perfect time, except for the teeny, tiny fact that Charlie was stuck on I-20 in a snowstorm. That's right! He spent the night in his car (yes, I mean he slept) on the highway. We're thankful that he made it home safe and sound. I'm thinking about buying him a tackle box full of protein bars to keep in his car just to be safe.
Jackson's first Christmas Eve!

Candy Cane Caroline opening gifts.

Ahh, newlyweds.

As is tradition, Jackson had his picture taken with our family Rudolph.

Sweet cousins!

Claudia's tree was so beautiful! She decorated it with black and white photos from Christmases past. It was so fun to take a look back.

Some of the gang.
Papa with his pile of gifts.
My sweet kiddoes, snug and sleepy in their Christmas jammies.

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