Friday, December 11, 2009

Sugar Plum Fairy Tea

Caroline is getting her first taste of The Nutcracker this year! Brian and I are taking her to see the ballet tomorrow, but to get her ready for it Grandmama and I took her to a tea party - the Sugar Plum Fairy Tea. It was a fun treat. Mother Ginger walked us all through the story of the Nutcracker and introduced us to the ballet's key characters, who were there in full costume. It was a room full of little girls in their Christmas party dresses, definitely a festive event. Here are some pics we snapped.

Caroline and me in our dresses ready for her first tea party!

We met Grandmama at the tea.

Mother Ginger told us the story of The Nutcracker and introduced the ballerinas.

Mom and I drank tea, but Caroline opted for pink lemonade. They actually decorated the sugar cubes with gold flecks, so that when you sweetened your tea it glittered with gold. Very fun.

They gave us a HUGE plate of goodies and everything was delicious. It could have been sugar overload, but they balanced it nicely with some savory bites.

Caroline was able to meet the ballerinas. Here she is with the Sugar Plum Fairy herself. I can't wait until she gets to see the actual ballet tomorrow!

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Becca P. said...

I am so glad you are doing this with her. Granny Phyllis used to take me to the Nutcracker every year and I loved it. I loved dressing up, the fancy dinner, the ballerinas. They really are very sweet memories for me of her. I hope she has a wonderful time. By the by, her dress is super cute!