Monday, December 14, 2009

The Polar Express

Caroline went to school in her pajamas this morning! She has been learning about trains this month, and today is a super-special event. All of the kids get to wear their jammies and bring their favorite animal to read The Polar Express. They'll sip on hot chocolate during storytime and eat some yummy treats. Then the big moment will happen.... SANTA CLAUS is surprising them with an in-class visit. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Caroline in her Christmas jammies with Olivia ready for school.

I also wanted to blog about Caroline's Thanksgiving feast at school, but I'm a little tardy in doing so. It was such a fun day! I was assigned a great group of kids. We went to 5 different stations, and I helped them complete tasks to prepare the feast.

The kids made necklaces from wooden beads and pasta shapes.

Then they snapped green beans.

They even got to make their own mini pumpkin pies! Here is Caroline stirring hers up.

We shucked corn and then the teachers cooked it, so the kids got to eat the very corn they prepared!

They cut up grapes for the fruit salad.

The 3's class dressed as pilgrims, and the 4's class dressed as Indians.

Here is Caroline enjoying her corn.

The feast was truly a feast!

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